We are a team within Infosight Corporaton , Chillicothe, Ohio


We started providing solutions on demand in 1971 as Telesis. Some of our solutions ( over 159 )  for our clients included:


A test truck to simulate an oil well ( 15000 lb tension while taking up or playing out cable at up to 240 feet per minute (300HP) .


Production piano tuners (Frequency , Amplitude, Harmonic Content)


Methods of identifying red hot steel.


Custom multi-range panel meters for nuclear enrichment.


Safety zone fork lift speed controllers.


Steel Mill Marking Equipment


In 1990 we split off  13 people who like doing difficult stuff and named that team Infosight. Telesis remained a product focused company .Infosight is  now over 60 strong. Some of our solutions ( over 100 to date)  for our clients included:


Drop on demand custom piezoelectric driver systems


The reading and sortation of tires using black on black bar codes.


Selective blue coating machine for  tire sidewalls.


Custom power controllers to provide accurate ( 25 KW) AC power on vehicles without  requiring an additional engine.


Production Electrospinning System


Methods  and in lab instruments for bar code identifying archive ampules stored under liquid nitrogen for long term (100 year) ..


Identification of high temperature aerospace components using ceramics.


Charged micro droplet production and their use in sanitization .


CO2 Laser desktop printers for metal tags and biopsy cassettes.


Automatic mold powder applicators for continuous casters.


Moving Steel Plate and Aluminum  ingot markers.